Coffs Harbour Spring Garden Competition

Thursday 23 Jul 2020

During uncertain times, and throughout a lockdown, people stay home and enjoy their surroundings, particularly their gardens.  We have had the opportunity to spend more time in our backyards and work on our ‘green thumbs’.  As they say “Those who plant a garden, plant happiness”.  

The Coffs Harbour Garden Club has jumped on this opportunity and will again conduct the very popular Spring Garden competition.  There are various residential categories, as well as commercial, but no school competition this year due to the disruption that schools have faced.  

Entry forms are available from July 25 at Council, with entries closing on Sept 4.  The gardens entered will be judged between 13-15 September.  The winning garden in the residential section will be open to the public to view on Sunday 20th September.

So if you’re feeling proud of your efforts in the garden over the last few months, don’t be afraid to enter.  A variety of styles, spaces, natives, pots, colour as well as vegetable gardens are all very acceptable.  

For more information, as well as gardening tips, visit