Property Management Testimonials

And again we wish to thank you all for making us feel like valued tenants. Take my word for it...with our career of renting, we have found that most agents tend to disregard the values and well being of renters.

It's wonderful to find an agent who seems to appreciate all players involved, and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to our colleagues.

Adam Hoole

Thank you for your efficient service and knowledgeable solutions to problems that have arisen.

Jenny & Don

Lisa, thank you for your help and great work over the past years... It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you... I knew you'd do a brilliant job for us...

Sonja and Bern Menhennitt

I would just like to let you know that I have been extremely happy with the service from First National property management. This service has been solely due to the professional nature of Lisa Hanlan who has looked after every aspect of 325 Harbour Drive for the last 9 years.

Lisa’s attention to detail and informative nature ensures that my property is in very capable hands. Her advice and guidance throughout every detail required has be 100%. She keeps me well informed on any maintenance issues and offers practical solutions in a timely nature to ensure both the tenant and myself are kept well informed and suffer minimal disruption to our lives.

In the 9years the property has had a number of tenants that we have never had any major problems with and this is to Lisa’s fastidious attention to detail, her exceptional follow through and general care for doing a good job.

Jill Grant

First National Property Management Coffs Harbour may not be the cheapest agents around but when it comes to service you get what you pay for. I have been associated with Lisa and her team at First National for a number of years now and I am more than satisfied with their attention to detail, proactive management of my properties, courtesy  and their otherwise excellent service.

First National  Property Management appear to act as if the properties are their own and attend to the management of those properties accordingly.  Without the assistance of  the First National Property Management team  I doubt I would have secured the excellent and long term tenants I have, or encountered the very high  occupancy rates I have enjoyed (more than 98% over 4 years)  as well as the highly competitive rental income returns . Keep up the good work. 

Robert Harris 

Lisa Hanlan is a vivacious and diligent individual.  She has been my property manager during my tenancy at Boambee, NSW, for three years.  The owner of this property resided in a manager’s cottage within clear sight of our rental property.  Lisa facilitated a professional and positive environment for all parties.
As an agent, Lisa is a credit to her employer, First National Property Management, and to her profession.  Her attention to detail and the broader picture served both tenant and landlord.  Her courteous and direct manner facilitated smooth and accurate arrangements in what might easily become difficult and complex circumstances.
As the owner of a leased property at Banora Point, I highly recommend Lisa as property manager and would consult her first should I invest in property in Coffs Harbour or choose to return to the region. 

Sara M Hall (Sally)
Commissioned Pastor
Seventh-day Adventist Church


Thank-you so much for your professionalism on Thursday. I was going to call your boss on Monday to let them know what a great customer service ethic you displayed, but I see from your email that you are the boss!!!
We are currently in the process of selling our home in Sydney, and I am afraid we have not witnessed the level of service from our agents that you displayed this week.


Lisa Hanlan from First National Coffs Harbour has been our Property Manager for 13 years. From the first meeting she was very professional, confident and extremely knowledgeable in regard to property management. She has certainly shown her expertise over the years looking after our properties and the needs of the tenants.

Lisa takes the worry out of being a landlord and we know if any problem arises she has the best solution. Any contact we have had with First National Coffs Harbour staff has been very professional and considerate of our needs.

Peter & Rosalind Kitching

I heartily recommend First National Property Management Coffs Harbour to all my friends and acquaintances. I really appreciate the personalised service offered by having a dedicated property manager.  It’s a good feeling to be considered a valued tenant and knowing my safety and comfort are ideals addressed by my agent.  It pleases me that I am treated as an individual with my own needs and high standards.

I have found all staff to be friendly, courteous and knowledgeable and always willing to listen; messages are promptly delivered and replied to.  One of the best of my experiences with this agent has been that maintenance and repair issues are dealt with immediately, non-urgent requests are treated with respect and passed on to the landlord with no delay. First National Property Management Coffs Harbour make my living on the coast an enjoyable experience.

Lyn Christian

Property Management Client’s testimonials
Lisa & Team
5 March 2013